Employee Stock Purchase Plan

TeamHealth offers employees the opportunity to participate in the Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP). Highlights include:

  • The opportunity for you (at your sole discretion) to purchase stock up to 15% of eligible compensation ($25,000 worth of stock annually) through payroll deductions
  • A 5% discount off the stock purchase price
  • No taxes paid on the value of the 5% discount
  • A brokerage account with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in your name at no cost to you
  • No monthly fees for maintenance of your brokerage account including no fees for stock purchases
  • A deeply discounted transaction fee (average 25% discount) to sell your stock with a range of 6 - 10 centers per share (depending on number of shares that are sold) with a minimum fee of $25 (versus average cost of $100)
  • Purchases made twice per plan year on September 30 and March 31 (purchases made on business days only)
Go to www.TeamHealth.com/Benefits/StockPurchasePlan/ESPP for more information about the ESPP. Visit the TeamHealth Investor Relations site for up-to-date stock quotes and company news. If you are an independent contractor, please call the Benefits Center at 877.516.7492 for your stock purchase options.

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